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thorslots| The Shanghai Stock Exchange welcomes a new head, and Wang Zhe is a big data expert!

The Shanghai Insurance Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Insurance Exchange"), an important platform of the insurance industry, ushered in a new chairman.

The Chinese reporter of the securities firm learned thatThorslotsWang Zhe, deputy secretary of the party committee, executive director and president of Bank of China (601988) Insurance Information Technology Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bank of China Insurance letter"), was recently transferred to the post of party committee secretary and chairman of the Shanghai Insurance Exchange. Before May Day, the relevant departments announced this arrangement in the company. Wang Zhe has now come to the Shanghai Insurance Exchange to get familiar with his work.

Shanghai Insurance Exchange welcomes the third chairman of the board

The Shanghai Insurance Exchange was established with the approval of the State Council in November 2015 and officially opened on June 12, 2016. The company is established by 91 shareholders with an initial registered capital of 22Thorslots3.5 billion yuan, registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

As an important national financial infrastructure, the Shanghai Insurance Exchange is positioned to provide basic public services such as systems, rules and standards for all kinds of insurance activities such as insurance, reinsurance and insurance asset management. promote the interconnection of insurance supply and demand, promote the cost reduction and efficiency of the whole industry chain, create win-win results in the whole ecosystem, and create a global leader.ThorslotsThe insurance market.

Zeng Yujin is the first chairman of the Shanghai Insurance Exchange. Previously, she served as a member of the party committee and assistant director of the Shenzhen Regulatory Bureau of the former Insurance Regulatory Commission, deputy director of the supervision department of insurance intermediaries, and deputy director and director of the supervision department of the use of insurance funds. From 2008 to 2012, he served as president of China Insurance Fund Co., Ltd. In 2021, Zeng Yujin retired at her age.

In July 2021, Ren Chunsheng took over as the second chairman of the Shanghai Insurance Exchange. Ren Chunsheng previously served as the director of the financial accounting department (solvency supervision department) of the CIRC and the director of the supervision department of the use of insurance funds of the CIRC. After the institutional reform in August 2018, he served as the director of the supervision department of the insurance funds of the CBRC. Transferred to PICC Investment as party committee secretary and chairman of the company in 2019.

Wang Zhe's transfer is the third change of chairman since the establishment of the Shanghai Insurance Exchange. Wang Zhe is also familiar with the insurance industry, with rich experience in financial supervision and industry management. Wang Zhe was the former director of the General Information Department of the Insurance Regulatory Commission, participated in the preparation of China Insurance Trust in 2013, and later became vice president of the company. In March 2019, Wang Zhe was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Banco Credit of China and proposed to be president of the company; on June 28, Wang Zhe officially became president of the company.

China Banking Insurance Trust is also directly managed by the State Financial Regulatory Administration, and is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of a unified national banking and insurance information sharing system. Provide transaction support, data governance, risk management, scientific and technological support and registration, verification, actuarial, consulting and other services. Up to now, China Bank Insurance Trust Company has three branches, one office and one subsidiary.

According to the official website of China Bank Insurance letter, inquired by a Chinese reporter from a securities firm, Wang Zhe is still the deputy secretary of the party committee, executive director and president.

Wang Zhe is an expert on big data.

Wang Zhe has rich experience in insurance industry management and is also an expert on big data.

In 2020, Wang Zhe published a signed article saying that with the deepening of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, modern digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of things are accelerating and deepening their applications. it has a profound impact on the production and life style of human society, and has strongly promoted the structural transformation and upgrading of economic development. At present, the financial industry is accelerating the process of industry digitization by means of information technology, and is committed to creating an open and shared industrial ecology, reshaping financial products and services, so as to effectively improve the ability and quality of serving the real economy.

Wang Zhe also led the construction of the automobile insurance information platform and promoted the collection of the national automobile insurance platform, which is of milestone significance for the standardization, informationization and standardization of automobile insurance. In an interview with the media in 2014, Wang Zhe said, "I have worked for 21 years, of which, in the first 10 years, I engaged in financial and insurance statistics and analysis, dealing with data; in the last 11 years, I engaged in information construction and dealing with information technology. Big data should pay attention to the explosive growth of data, reasonably plan, obtain and integrate data resources, and make use of advanced data technology to accomplish our task of understanding and transforming the world. "

In recent years, China Bancassurance has done a lot of work in promoting the application of science and technology in the industry and improving the quality of service.

On March 25 this year, in order to further strengthen the integration and exchange between the insurance industry and the automobile industry, give full play to the role of insurance services to better support the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile insurance market, the equipment Industry Development Center of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a special seminar on new energy automobile insurance services.

According to the official website of China Bank Insurance Trust, in March this year, China Bank Insurance Credit held its 2024 annual working meeting, which was chaired by Wang Zhe.

The meeting called for closely centering on the task of bringing the company into the list of key work objectives of the General Administration of Financial Supervision system to ensure high-quality implementation.

First, bear in mind the original mission, actively integrate into the "five major articles", based on their own characteristics as scientific and technological enterprises, increase independent research and development of science and technology, help the industry to speed up the green transformation, and constantly consolidate the digital base for providing information technology services for the industry.

thorslots| The Shanghai Stock Exchange welcomes a new head, and Wang Zhe is a big data expert!

The second is to focus on improving quality and efficiency, take the initiative to improve the level of service supervision, highlight support for the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers, and constantly improve the supporting tools of science and technology supervision.

Third, highlight intensive farming, strive to enrich the connotation of business construction, give full play to the pillar effect of superior business, brand business value-added effect and innovative business multiplication effect, and continuously improve the quality of products and services.

Fourth, deepen integrity and innovation, continuously enhance the momentum of self-improvement, coordinate and efficiently carry out scientific and technological management, take the initiative to plan and promote regional layout, scientifically and standardize internal construction, solidly promote risk prevention, and ensure comprehensive safety and compliance.

Fifth, persist in strengthening the roots and casting the soul, further promote the comprehensive and strict administration of the party, take a clear-cut stand to strengthen political construction, thoroughly implement the party's organizational line, strengthen the building of the party's work style and clean government and the struggle against corruption, and promote the company to develop in depth from strict governance of the party and the building of party style and clean government.

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