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playvideopoker| Newsletter! May 26 Tangshan Steel City Express

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playvideopoker| Newsletter! May 26 Tangshan Steel City Express

May 26 Tangshan Steel City Express

Overview: The ex-factory price of Tangshan Qian 'an Pu billet in early trading on the 26th was stable at 3560 yuan/ton compared with yesterdayplayvideopoker, the tax-inclusive part of the warehouse spot is reported at about 3630 yuan/ton. Transactions in the billet market were weak in the morning, and downstream finished product prices were temporarily stable. The following are the prices and transaction details of Tangshan varieties:


Mainstream market for Tangshan steel: Prices are stable, including I-beam 3800 yuan/ton, angle steel 3780 yuan/ton, and channel steel 3,750 -3780 yuan/ton. Transactions are weak.


Tangshan 145 strip steel market: The mainstream price is stable compared with yesterday. The mainstream market price is 3750 yuan/ton, and the transaction is average.

Tangshan 355 strip steel market: The price is stable compared with yesterday, with the mainstream spot at 3730 yuan/ton. The market's long-term and spot resources are basically the same, and transactions are weak.

[Hot coil, cold rolled base]

Tangshan Kaiping Board Market: The price has been lowered by 10 yuan/ton compared with yesterday. The market's mainstream 1500-kopp Kaiping Board reported 3800 yuan/ton, and Kaiping manganese was 3950 yuan/ton. The early trading price was slightly lowered, and the overall transaction was poor.

Tangshan cold-rolled base material market: The price is relatively stable, the market mainstream 3playvideopoker.0*1010 is 3790 yuan/ton;3.0*1210 is 3790 yuan/ton. Quotations are the main focus, and transactions are average.

[Middle Board]

Tangshan medium and heavy plate market: Prices are temporarily stable compared with yesterday, with the 14-30 general board quoted at 3860 yuan/ton and the low alloy quoted at 4060 yuan/ton. Market quotes are stable and the market atmosphere is average.


Tangshan welded pipe and galvanized pipe market: Prices are stable. Tangshan Huaqi reported 4620 yuan/ton for 4-inch 3.75mm new national standard hot dip galvanized pipe; Tangshan Huaqi reported 3920 yuan/ton for 4-inch welded pipe, with weak transactions.

Tangshan coil-button steel pipe scaffold market: The price is stable, with 2.5m vertical rods 5,170 - 5,190 yuan/ton, 0.9m horizontal rods 5,110 - 5,120 yuan/ton, and diagonal rods 4,970 - 5,000 yuan/ton, including tax. Prices are stable and transactions are average.

[Building Materials]

Tangshan construction steel market: The price has temporarily stabilized. Currently, the third-level large thread is 3800 yuan/ton, the third-level small thread is 3910 yuan/ton, and the coil screw is 4050 yuan/ton. The market price is stable and the transaction is average.

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