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blackjackonlinefree|China Focus: Chinese youth's enthusiasm for health spices up time-honored herbal medicine

BEIJINGblackjackonlinefree, July 7 (Xinhua) -- At a health bar of Tong Ren Tang, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) manufacturer established in the 17th century, a college student surnamed Feng waited in line to buy a latte with goji berries -- an ancient herb known for its liver-protecting and eyesight-improving propertiesblackjackonlinefree.

Boba tea with ginseng and Americano with mangosteen are also very popular choices for young customers at this bar.

"I like this new kind of consumption because it's both healthy and convenient," Feng said.

Health and wellness were mainly the focus of the middle-aged and the elderly. Today, a growing number of young people are embracing this wholesome lifestyle, sparking a new trend tailored specifically for them across the country.

Zheng Wanying, an employee at a securities company in Beijing, usually begins her day with a pot of homemade tea infused with jujube, longan and rose petals. In the evenings, she relaxes with a foot bath containing vinegar, ginger and Sichuan pepper.

"The flower and fruit tea promotes blood circulation and skin whitening, while the foot bath alleviates coldness and reduces swelling." The 30-year-old said these anti-aging skills will help her maintain a youthful look.

In south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, young people enjoy traditional Chinese massages on street stools near Guangxi University.

For desk-bound young office workers suffering from shoulder and neck pain, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine has introduced evening massage outpatient services to meet their growing demand for pain relief after work.

A survey conducted by China Youth Daily at the end of last year revealed that 79.9 percent of the 1,000 young people polled had learned about traditional Chinese medical philosophy and therapies, with 51.9 percent gaining this knowledge from social media platforms.

Fan Su, a physician at Wangjing Hospital under the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, has observed a growing awareness of TCM and health preservation among young people.

blackjackonlinefree|China Focus: Chinese youth's enthusiasm for health spices up time-honored herbal medicine

"Especially when they feel like they're about to get sick but haven't reached the diagnostic criteria of Western medicine, many young people will seek help from TCM," she said.

Li Zhilin, an employee of an internet startup, agrees with the concept of "preventing illness before it occurs." He believes that one should constantly monitor one's health condition and promptly address any health issues, whether physical or mental.

Burdened with an enormous workload, Li once suffered from excessive stress. After adopting a regimen that combines breathing and acupuncture at a health bar, he regained a peaceful mindset and became more efficient at work. "Good health is essential for having the energy to engage in work and life fully," he said.

Some young people go the extra mile to delve into this ancient wisdom in addition to experiencing TCM therapies.

A further learning program on TCM hosted by Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has attracted several young people this year. Jiang Fei, for instance, became eager to understand the theories of herbs after recovering from an illness with their assistance.

Liu Dong, the owner of a health bar in Beijing, attributed the younger generation's fascination with TCM to the country's relevant supportive policies and the evident efficacy of herbs in treating COVID-19.

In 2022, the State Council issued a plan to bolster the development of TCM during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), with the aim of building an efficient and high-quality TCM service system.

Primary and middle schools across China are offering youth-friendly courses or activities on TCM, giving children and teenagers a window into the traditional medicinal culture.

The youth's enthusiasm for health from campuses to society invigorates time-honored herbs, adding a modern flavor to this hallowed cultural legacy.

"The age-old herbs are keeping us healthy in new ways," Feng said. "This is the charm of TCM."

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