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pulsebingo|Iran arrests 8 suspects linked to fatal election attack

TEHRANpulsebingo, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Iranian intelligence forces have arrested eight suspects in connection with a deadly attack on a vehicle carrying a ballot box in Sistan and Baluchestan provincepulsebingo, the official IRNA reported on Sunday.

The incident occurred following the first round of Iran's presidential election on June 29, resulting in the deaths of two security personnel and injuries to several others.

The province's intelligence department arrested the "terrorist" suspects on Friday, according to a statement quoted by the IRNA report. Weapons, ammunition, grenades, two-way radios, and explosive materials were seized from the suspects.

The intelligence authorities also claimed that the group received direction from their ringleaders who were based in a "neighboring country" and was planning further attacks, without revealing the name of the country.

pulsebingo|Iran arrests 8 suspects linked to fatal election attack

The attackers failed to steal the ballot box despite injuring five passengers, including law enforcement and election staff. Two officers succumbed to their injuries after the attack.

Sistan and Baluchestan province, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan, has seen numerous terrorist incidents targeting civilians and security forces in recent years.

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